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Save $5 on traffic school, defensive driving, or teen driver’s education courses.

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About MyImprov is owned and run by the extremely talented and funny folks from the comedy clubs. What? Wait? A comedy club peeps are making classes for defensive driving, traffic school and teen Ed courses? Yep, and they do it in an amazing, fun and easy to understand way! That’s one of the main reasons why MyImpov is so popular – it’s not Your usual  boring class where you need to get like  5 RedBulls just to stay awake and get thru it . No and No, here You will learn things, improve Your driving, reduce points on Your licence AND have some real fun doing so. They are professional comedy people for Christ’s sake, how can it possible be boring and dull, right? Every class is written by established  Hollywood writers and presented in a way you can’t even imagine. The courses are so much and fun and easy that when our office manager Kyle needed to take a class he wanted to do it again, just for the amusement of it :) We firmly believe if school, any school, was so much fun there would have been way less students dropping out and way less stress while you grind Your way to that dreamed diploma or certificate.

Their slogan “Fast.Fun.Done” is as accurate as it can be – the classes are super fast ( You will be done in hours), they are fun as we  mentioned a few times and yes, that’s about it, You are done in a blink and can get Your certificate in as little as 30 minutes. Did we remind that this is all done online, from the privacy and convenience of Your home or office or favorite Starbucks if You so desire? Set up Your own pace, take Your time and take care of these driving related things from any device and at any time (just not while driving!).

Let’s get a bit serious and technical and lay down what You will get when You participate in one of the online classes offer my MyImprov. MyImprov is approve nationwide, it’s approved by Courts and DMVs all across the country. They’ve been around for a long long time – over 20 years and were and still offering behavior-based  traffic school, driver education and defensive driving programs to as they say on their website over 3 million students (that’s a LOT of students, WOW!) . Through the years MyImprov have won numerous awards from the media and other organizations all that while maintaining a superb A+ rating in no other but the very important and trusted everywhere Better Business Bureau. A+ rating guys, this is some serious rating here, they don’t just give those away for nothing, you have to earn it ! Now some folks might be worried that hey, it’s just an online class and how effective could it possible be? Don’t worry – time and time the studies have shown that the courses offered by MyImprov DO work and are effective in reducing feature traffic collisions and traffic tickets. To be precise here the reduction of traffic crashes and feature violations is a massive 64%. So this all means that even thou we are dealing with a serious matter, traffic laws and traffic safety, the funny and original way the courses are presented has zero negative impact on the final result – and that is You being a better, safer driver! It’s one of the rare cases where mixing business with pleasure actually works:)

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One final thing we need to post before we bore you to death with technicalities and info – MyImprov’s online classes are not only great, fun and helpful – they’re also super affordable! You will be saving a bunch of cold hard cash here , the usual class taken at a brick and mortal driving school can ring You up for as much as $140. At MyImprov most classes are in the $20-30 range (don’t forget to use the coupon from up above for additional 5 bucks OFF) and as the research shows they do improve Your driving.  So yeah, why would anybody go to those other schools, pay more and have no fun is beyond Us :) And if that’s not enough convincing – how about 4 FREE VIP tickets to the Improv Comedy Club ? Now that closes the deal:)

Have fun improving Your driving and enjoy the savings with our promo codes!



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About NameSilo

Established in 2009 NameSilo has time and time again proven to offer hands down the cheapest domain names in the industry. They’ve been able to do that by simply focusing on one thing – registering domains. They don’t do what most companies in the business do and that being  offering other services like hosting or VPS, they concentrate on bringing their customers the best possible prices and making the whole process of buying or transferring a domain as quick and easy as possible. The whole website and the account manager dashboard is super easy to navigate and You can take care of things ( You know” things” ,  like 301 redirects, changing name servers, parking a domain and other “things” )  in seconds. We will not go into lengths and technicalities here on the whole history of the company and where they are located ( it’s Phoenix ,Arizona in the good old USA in case You were wondering ) but let’s talk a bit more about the ancient art of buying a domain name and why all them other companies should stop what they are doing and take some notes from the NameSilo playbook.

The main benefit of using NameSilo is their straight forward , no bull s#it, pricing. Most domains cost less than $9 ( less than $8 when You use one of the coupons listed above) and they do NOT trick you as some other registers ( we are talking about you GoDaddy and 1and1 ) in a low introductory price for the first year and when it’s time for renewal they lay down the price-hammer. No tricks or treats here, just massive savings.  Also – WHOIS privacy is included for absolutely free if You wish to have in enabled. Some other registers ( we are talking about …. ALL the others!) charge extra for this and it can be as much as $15. Are you serious?? Let’s get real here for second guys – a domain name is a domain name, no matter where you buy  it is and will be the same exact thing. So why overpay? Why pay for the WHOIS extra on top of the already higher price? We have no idea…. the only logical explanation why some folks use other registers is that they haven’t had the pleasure of hearing about NameSilo since they are not very big on paying for ads and rely mostly on sites like ours and word of mouth recommendations from friends and fans of their service.

Full disclosure ( not that we need to disclose anything  secret but still for the record and to  show off how much we dislike overpaying for stuff ) – we bought this beautiful domain name You have the extreme pleasure (we hope:)) to come to from NameSilo. Why? We just have common sense and we do like saving money. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to realize that any register will sell You the same thing, so why pay more, right? Just use NameSilo as Your domain name register, grab one of the promo codes from here  and spend the money You have saved on something else. On what you’ll spend that money is of course completely up to You, we can only strongly suggest it to be on something healthy, or for the house, or the kids or why not a relaxing and rewarding massage from our fav peeps over at Zeel ? :)

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TheSHosting Coupons

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About TheShosting

Since 2011 the folks at TheShosting provide quality shared, reseller, VPS hosting plans  and now dedicated servers. Their servers are located in New York and Miami and offer 99.9% up time, unlimited domains, emails,  cPanel accounts and MySQL databases. Every new account comes with full 30 days money back guarantee and free website transfer if you are switching hosting providers. For an added peace of mind they offer daily and weekly backups so your site and your data is safe and secure. Also if you are coming from another web hosting company the great team at TheShosting will help you with free database transfers, file transfers and script transfers – all that provided by their exceptional and knowledgeable team of available 24/7 customer service representatives. You can also purchase new domains ( prices star at $12.95)  or if you have existing ones – to transfer them over to TheShosting. This is small, some might call them boutique, web hosting company that stays under the radar ( meaning: they don’t spend heavily on promotions and ads) which is concentrating its efforts in providing exceptional products for everybody who needs hosting – from the casual blogger to the true pro webmasters with huge websites. Use the promo codes listed above and save up to 99% at

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ProXPN Coupon

ProXPN Coupons

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  • 62 % OFF on the yearly plan
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About ProXPN

The company have been established in 2009 and is one of the leading VPN providers. They pride themselves in offering superior VPN services at a very low compared to the competition prices. Located at the Netherlands they loud and clear  state in their TOS that they keep no logs whatsoever about what and where we, the users, browse the interwebs. ProXPN offers services for both PC and Mac, plus if you have the premium plan you can use them on your IOS and Android devices.

The thing that makes ProXPN stand out of the pack and helps them gain market share is their 100% free VPN plan. This plan comes with all the necessities needed for safe, private surfing like anonymous IP address, encrypted web browsing and OpenVPN. Please have in mind that your net speed will be limited on the free plan.  The paid premium plan includes all these and also adds to the list of features PPTP connectivity , unlimited speeds, torrenting, IOS/Android supported and access to more servers. They also offers the ability to pay with Bitcoins for an added layer of personal security and anonymity. ProXPN has been featured on ZDNet, LifeHacker , PCworld, Twit and C|Net.

In case all these endorsements and name-dropping from some of the biggest heavy-weights in the information technologies world are not enough and You want a first hand, personal experience recommendation – here it is  : all the staff employed by this very website uses ProXPN as their personal and also work VPN provider. We have it on our phones too as matter of fact. Why? It’s one of the best values when it comes to VPNs. We are a coupons website, remember,  and we do love saving money on as many things as we possibly can without sacrificing performance and reliability. ProXPN comes as a  no-brainer with their affordable prices and proven track record of keeping Your personal web browsing exactly the way it’s meant to be by default – personal.  With a monthly bill after using the promo code from up above of just $3.75 ProXPN comes as the undisputed leader in cheap yet no-loss of  performance VPN provider. give them a shot , they have a full 30 days money back guarantee just in case.