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About NameSilo

Established in 2009 NameSilo has time and time again proven to offer hands down the cheapest domain names in the industry. They’ve been able to do that by simply focusing on one thing – registering domains. They don’t do what most companies in the business do and that being  offering other services like hosting or VPS, they concentrate on bringing their customers the best possible prices and making the whole process of buying or transferring a domain as quick and easy as possible. The whole website and the account manager dashboard is super easy to navigate and You can take care of things ( You know” things” ,  like 301 redirects, changing name servers, parking a domain and other “things” )  in seconds. We will not go into lengths and technicalities here on the whole history of the company and where they are located ( it’s Phoenix ,Arizona in the good old USA in case You were wondering ) but let’s talk a bit more about the ancient art of buying a domain name and why all them other companies should stop what they are doing and take some notes from the NameSilo’s playbook.

The main benefit of using NameSilo is their straight forward , no bull s#it, pricing. Most domains cost less than $9 ( less than $8 when You use one of the coupons listed above) and they do NOT trick you as some other registers ( we are talking about you GoDaddy and 1and1 ) in a low introductory price for the first year and when it’s time for renewal they lay down the price-hammer. No tricks or treats here, just massive savings.  Also – WHOIS privacy is included for absolutely free if You wish to have in enabled. Some other registers ( we are talking about …. ALL the others!) charge extra for this and it can be as much as $15. Are you serious?? Let’s get real here for second guys – a domain name is a domain name, no matter where you buy  it is and will be the same exact thing. So why overpay? Why pay for the WHOIS extra on top of the already higher price? We have no idea…. the only logical explanation why some folks use other registers is that they haven’t had the pleasure of hearing about NameSilo since they are not very big on paying for ads and rely mostly on sites like ours and word of mouth recommendations from friends and fans of their service.

Namesilo Coupons and Deals

Full disclosure ( not that we need to disclose anything  secret but still for the record and to  show off how much we dislike overpaying for stuff ) – we bought this beautiful domain name You have the extreme pleasure (we hope:)) to come to from NameSilo. Why? We just have common sense and we do like saving money. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to realize that any register will sell You the same thing, so why pay more, right? Just use NameSilo as Your domain name register, grab one of the promo codes from here  and spend the money You have saved on something else. On what you’ll spend that money is of course completely up to You, we can only strongly suggest it to be on something healthy, or for the house, or the kids or why not a relaxing and rewarding massage from our fav peeps over at Zeel ? 🙂


P.S. Article last updated April, 2021 to reflect the most recent verified coupon.

How to Get a Free Poker HUD For PokerStars

Recent polls show that more people play online poker at PokerStars than in all the other sites and apps combined! So it is no wonder that more and more folks are looking for a free poker HUD for that popular website.

First thigs first – what is a poker HUD? According to this article, a poker HUD is:

“The term “poker HUD” stands for “Heads-Up Display” and is a little piece of software that collects data on how your opponents have played in the past. This data is displayed as an overlay with multiple stats at the top of the table next to each of your opponents. Poker HUDs can help you make better and more informed decisions on how to play a certain hand – check, bet, or fold are much easier choices with the help of this tracking software.”


Most guys and ladies who play professionally do use a poker tracking software. There are a few available on the market, namely

  • PT 4
  • Hm3
  • Copilot
  • Hand2Note
  • Easy HUD

PT 4 Poker HUD

Most of the HUDs are paid and only a few are free. A totally free option for PokerStars is Hand2note. You can download the app from their official website – . It is free for all stakes at Poker Stars at the moment, as well as for tournaments. The HUD also comes with a paid plan which has naturally more features but for a novice player the free plan has plenty of power.



There’s no doubt that PokerStars will be the biggest poker site on the world. Most of the regular players at Stars also would debate that it’s easily topic . site on when you do. This is for numerous reasons. For one, their supports staff is second to not really one. They also have numerous the best software available and help it become pretty easy to multi-table. Although will not have a true rakeback program, their frequent player “VIP” program is on the list of best in the market. Through this program players can get bonuses that can more than make up for a lack of rakeback. But considerably more another reason is actually why not so well known. Even many of your regulars can be confused by PokerStars Concierge Service.

Gus attributes his success in No Limit Hold’em to his ability to mix it up and discover a method to be playing like a maniac. A greener an alternative Gus Hansen’s madness. He puts pressure on another players determine if they wanted to risk a serious amount discover out if he was bluffing. He’s an aggressive style homemade cards that others might dispose of. Cards that appear to be unplayable by most players, Gus Hansen knows the best way to play all of them with great attaining your goal.


Hand2Note free poker HUD for PokerStars

If you go through a major downswing, you will definitely be excited hold your current stakes making you can easily make cash back. That excitement is actually an of the biggest destructors of bankrolls. Although it’s unpleasant to move down, but you be move down, you’ll be pleased for the purpose you should.

One of the most popular mistakes can be a game with middle and low strength cards not from the situation. In the start for this tournament during the middle of it we can’t play Under the Gun (UTG), Middle position (MP), several of the situations Late Position (LP) with hands like A9, AK, KJ, Q8. Sorts cards cant be played by players, which are not sure regarding postflop play golf.

Every major poker site is tested for pure randomness and fairness by independent auditing interactions. Pokerstars is tested by two separate organizations: Cigital and BMM International. These two organizations are industry leaders in independent audits and have audited manufacturers AOL Time Warner, Motorola, General Electrics, Visa and many more.

Vanessa Rousso – Simply is Vanessa “Pokerness” Rousso beautiful, but she’s very intelligent and well educated. She is a graduate of Duke University with a college degree in Economics and yet another law student at the University of Miami. In addition, this lady has 4 on money finishes at society Series of Poker. A dual citizen of the United States and France, Vanessa is often a member of Team PokerStars and has career winnings of over $360,000.

AirVPN Coupon

Use AirVPN Coupon code:


For 10% OFF any plan!



About AirVPN and their coupons:

AirVPN is one of the highest rated by critics and VPN enthusiasts. If you go online and look around every single review of them is outstanding! In the crowded and ever-expanding field of Premium VPN services AirVPN stand right at the very tip with the best (if not the absolute best).

They offer top-notch, ultra fast connection and do not limit their users in traffic or time. They allow up to 3 simultaneous connections and unlimited server switches. Like others, AirVPN is powered by OpenVPN and all their software can be found on GitHub. They offer excellent Android and iPhone apps and also works on Macs, PCs and Linux machines.

AirVPN’s slogan is “Made by activists and hacktivists” and as such naturally they keep NO logs what-so-ever. This is big plus because some other VPNs out their still,even now in 2017 keep logs of their users activities. This brings the question – why bother buying a VPN when there’s someone out there who is still keeping track of what you do online? This is not the case with AirVPN and we can rest assure and use it without the burden of logs.

Lets’ talk about the price for a second. We’ve already mentioned above that AirVPN is one of the most raved about services. You might think that this will come at a steep price. Not at all! Their plans are very affordable, especially for the quality we are getting, and start at only 1 Euro on the 3 days plan and go to 54 Euros for the yearly plan. Naturally since this is coupons website we have a great, tested by Our staff AirVPN coupon which at the moment will save You an extra 10% on Your bill. The coupon is posted above and you can copy it and head over to AirVPN’s website at anytime, use it and get the discount.


Another great thing about AirVPN is the huge number of servers and IPs available. They have locations in all the major and most used countries like USA, UK and Canada but also in quite a few lesser known or used countries like the Netherlands, Belgium and Bulgaria. For the full list of available locations please click on the “Status” tab on their site and check them all out.

And last but not least we will have to mention this real quick – AirVPN is the only provider we know of that has it’s own forum! This forum is not only an amazing place for support but also a great source of industry news and discussions in general on online privacy, free speech, VPNs, online safety and many more topics. Pretty much any technical issue is well covered and you don’t have to contact support (which is top of the line by the way), just do a quick search in the forum and you’ll find an answer. Or if it’s a very specific problem you can start your own thread and get almost instant help from the community.

To summarize – AirVPN is one of the best VPN clients available at the time of this post. Their speed, reliability and completely no logs policy makes them a “must buy”. If you are like most people and like saving money – please take a look at the top of this post and the latest verified AirVPN coupon and save a little extra.

GlowHost Review and Coupons


GlowHost Coupons:

Buy 1 month hosting and get 2 months for free :


Buy 1 month Hosting and get 2 months for  free + Free PHP Installation:


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Basically with either coupon You are getting 3 full months of web-hosting for the price of 1.

 *** Note: Both coupons work for shared, reseller, semi-dedicated or managed VPS packages. The second one thou has  6 months or greater purchase requirement for free script installation service ***

glowhost coupon unlimited plan

GlowHost has been around since 2002 offering their thousands of clients one of the most reliable hosting solutions on the web today. Unlike the apparent current trend with companies that are only trying to maximize profits and cut back on expenses, GlowHost delivers a premium service to their clients through their high-end hardware and multi-homed tier-1 bandwidth, as well as supporting the Green Hosting initiative to create more environmentally-friendly solutions to your hosting needs.
When shopping for a web hosting provider for your site, one of the hardest tasks has always been predicting what their service will be like after you’ve signed up. Often the pre-sales department of many companies will be much more responsive than the support department, leaving you with a problem should you actually need help. As proof that this is not the case here, in addition to their noteworthy 99.9% network and hardware guarantee, GlowHost also offers a full 60-day no questions asked money-back guarantee should you be unsatisfied with their service. This goes a long way in showing that they are very confident you will be completely satisfied with their performance and customer service.

Performance Tiered Hosting

With GlowHost’s focus being on providing high performance hosting at reasonable rates, packages are divided between different performance tiers. The Budget Shared Hosting, which offers large amounts of space and bandwidth is geared towards non-critical sites such as blogs, personal sites, or family photo galleries. For those planning on running a small business website or a site where reliability and performance are more of a concern, then the Advanced and Professional packages will place you on a server with 50% or 75% less accounts, thus increasing stability and giving you more access system resources. These also are good packages to start designing and establishing a video-sharing site on where you can move up to the Semi-Dedicated slices as your site becomes more popular (more info ahead…).

Semi-Dedicated Slices

For those of you wanting to run a demanding website such as a busy forum, public image gallery, or ffmpeg-based script such as Clip-Share and PHPMotion, the Semi-Dedicated slices provide a novel way to purchase quality allocated resources without the complexities (and cost) of a VPS or dedicated server. You purchase “slices” of the dedicated server, with each individual server only hosting a maximum of 30 slices. On a given site you can purchase more than one slice to increase the necessary drive space and bandwidth, such that if are using three slices, you are allocated 10% of the server’s resources to be used by your site alone. This provides the most stable environment as you are guaranteed to only be sharing the server among a very limited amount of other sites. If you plan on running a video-sharing site, this will be a perfect platform for you.

GlowHost promo code funny GIf

Two Months Free with a coupon!GlowHost has recently launched their 2-months free promotion applicable on shared hosting packages including the Semi-Dedicated Slices. This is a great way to purchase three months of service for the price of one month. Keep in mind, you are also guaranteed by their 60-day money-back guarantee, so if you have any problems you can ask for a refund with no questions asked, giving you no reason to not try them out if you are in the market. Additionally, we have two coupons that will also give you the two months free promotion as well as free installation of either the Clip-Share or PHPMotion video-sharing scripts. All their plans support ffmpeg and mencoder conversion. To get the latest GlowHost coupons – just look at the beginning of the article, copy the one you want to use and apply it at their website when asked from a promo code or if you want way more GlowHost coupons check here.
Of course, once you’re ready, GlowHost also offers a plethora of VPS and managed, unmanaged, and unmetered bandwidth dedicated servers to move up to, giving you the peace of mind knowing you will be in good hands once your site really starts to take off and you need to upgrade to a permanent and performance hosting solution without having to change providers.

ProXPN Coupon

ProXPN Coupons

Save up to 62% with promo code


Copy the code and go to

This is a break down of how much will you save :

  • 62 % OFF on the yearly plan
  • 50% OFF on the 6 months plan
  • 40% OFF on the 3 months subscription plan


About ProXPN

The company have been established in 2009 and is one of the leading VPN providers. They pride themselves in offering superior VPN services at a very low compared to the competition prices. Located at the Netherlands they loud and clear  state in their TOS that they keep no logs whatsoever about what and where we, the users, browse the interwebs. ProXPN offers services for both PC and Mac, plus if you have the premium plan you can use them on your IOS and Android devices.

The thing that makes ProXPN stand out of the pack and helps them gain market share is their 100% free VPN plan. This plan comes with all the necessities needed for safe, private surfing like anonymous IP address, encrypted web browsing and OpenVPN. Please have in mind that your net speed will be limited on the free plan.  The paid premium plan includes all these and also adds to the list of features PPTP connectivity , unlimited speeds, torrenting, IOS/Android supported and access to more servers. The current number of servers as of the time of this article is 18 – a nice mix between the most popular locations like the USA and UK and a few less knows or used by VPN companies  like Singapore, Hong Kong and Zurich.   They also offers the ability to pay with Bitcoins for an added layer of personal security and anonymity. ProXPN has been featured on ZDNet, LifeHacker , PCworld, Twit and C|Net.

In case all these endorsements and name-dropping from some of the biggest heavy-weights in the information technologies world are not enough and You want a first hand, personal experience recommendation – here it is  : all the staff employed by this very website uses ProXPN as their personal and also work VPN provider. We have it on our phones too as a matter of fact. Why? It’s one of the best values when it comes to VPNs. We are a coupons website, remember,  and we do love saving money on as many things as we possibly can without sacrificing performance and reliability. ProXPN comes as a  no-brainer with their affordable prices and proven track record of keeping Your personal web browsing exactly the way it’s meant to be by default – personal.  With a monthly bill after using the promo code from up above of just $3.75 ProXPN also comes as the undisputed leader in cheap yet no-loss of  performance VPN provider. Give them a shot , they have a full 30 days money back guarantee just in case.

And yes, take advantage of the ProXPN coupon we posted above, after Our research and testing it proved to be the one providing the best savings. And that’s what we all are about here at MyMegaCoupons – saving You ( and Us when we shop:) ) money. The savvy shopper will go for the 1 year plan since that’s the plan that gets the biggest discount – 62% OFF is a pretty much unbeatable deal for any service and any VPN provider we’ve found and verified.

Source  : We’ve found this ProXPN coupon here and it’s 100% working at the time of this posting.

Article filed under: proxpn, proxpn coupon, VPN coupons.


Zeel Coupon Coupon

Save $25 on Your 1st In-home massage with promo code


Click here to go to, the savings will be applied automatically!

zeel coupon main page

About Zeel

Full review coming soon…stay tuned! In the meantime just know that this is the best in-home massage money can buy, hands down! Enjoy! The promo code posted was first featured on this site and is tested and working at time of this publication – provides a $25 discount on you first massage with any of the wonderful, friendly and skilled professionals.

Interserver Coupon and Review

Save up to 99% on Your Bill with promo code


Copy the code and go to to redeem it

This is the coupon with the highest discount we’ve found, tested and confirmed to be working. A lot of the coupons we saw online  promised bigger savings but did not deliver – they were ether labeled as” expired” or “invalid” when we tried to place an order. Here is the breakdown of the discount  coupon code SAVE99 will get you on any of the Interserver’s  plans including Standard Shared Hosting, RS 1-5, Windows  and WordPress Managed :

First Months Hosting for any plan is just 1 penny = 99% OFF

20% OFF on the 3 year plans

15% OFF on the 2 year ones

10% OFF on yearly

All plans come with 30 days unconditional no-questions-asked money back guarantee and something almost no other company offers – Price Lock Guarantee – Your price will never go up as long as you stay with InterServer.

Interserver coupon main page

InterServer hosting company review is a company that has been around for some 16 plus odd years. In the even expanding filed of hosting companies this makes them  old, really really old .  But this is actually a good thing in this case – it clearly show that they are not some fly-by, one and done small biz that will disappear into the night as soon as you make your first payment. Nope, they’ve been around for a awhile and are here to stay.  Located in New Jersey , USA  they have been providing the very same great services ever since they opened “doors” with  the only thing that has actually changed is the technology applied. The core principles of support and quality service have actually stood the same and over the years, the company has been expanding to include things such as colocation, dedicated servers and VPS among other services. As a product and technology innovator, this is a company that has been able to give lots of customer’s innovative services and products that are designed to complement their businesses.

InterServer hosting company is able to serve all sorts of individuals and companies in so many countries and in the years and they have  build a very solid reputation for their commitment to technical  expertise, reliability and security. Their aim is to treat all clients as well as they can so as to give round the clock kind of service as well as comprehensive resources and the tools that are needed to run a business.

Their story

The company started in the year 1999. This was when they purchased a domain name as well as a virtual hosting reseller account. The main focus was to give affordable prices and maintain high levels of support and service.

In the present time, InterServer  operates and owns  two data centers that are located in New Jersey, Secaucus to be more specific where they offer the following:

  • Colocation
  • Dedicated servers
  • Quick servers
  • Cloud VPS
  • Virtual hosting

The thing that has been able to remain constant with the company for all these years is the mission to give top notch, quality services at the most affordable rates to  many customers all over the world. The company was co-founded by Mike Lavrik and John Quaglieri who were tech-savvy students in high school. They were very ambitious and they wanted to build a dream since they had the same vision of leading formation of a partnership that was solid and this is how InterServer began. After all those years, this company has grown into a great industry provider.

One of the things that set the company apart is the fact that the two founders are still very active in the operations of InterServer so as to make sure that all the operational aspects are smooth. Their commitment to ensure that customers are getting the best service throughout is what makes them remain significant within the industry. This is something you will notice in all InterServer reviews.


This is something that truly sets them apart within the industry. They have a data center with their own servers that are developed on a fiber network which is built in custom Linux kernels. They are able to handle all hosting aspects and this is what makes them the ultimate service providers –  no matter the size of your project or website InterServer got you covered.

The main commitment of the company is to treat businesses as if they are their very own and always seek ways of diversifying offerings. All decisions are made with the customer interests at heart.

The network

The network is well supported by great engineers as well as many years’ experience in the maintenance and building of networks for various providers and certifications from top vendors.

The data center includes a power uptime guarantee of 100% and a network uptime guarantee of 99.5%. Network engineers are also certified from different vendors like Nortel Network, Juniper Networks, Cisco and others.

Many customers are satisfied with the company when it comes to hosting all sorts of websites. This is with regard to email accounts , space and price. You will notice that this is a company that actually surpasses all others in these avenues. The customer care reps are also one of the most patient, friendly and responsive that you can find anywhere. They provide a toll free number where you can reach them 24/7 – we were bored last night and wanted to check them anyways so  we  dialed it up at 1 am – guess what, 20 seconds into the call we were talking to a real live human being! We asked a few tech specific questions and all the answers were pretty accurate and on point, so from personal testing – the support is 10 out of 10.    This  clearly is a company that ensures that you are totally satisfied with the services that you get.

interserver customer service

The company’s growth over the years

This company has come from a very humble state. Being a virtual hosting account reseller initially, the company has been able to spot  significant growth over the years and with two data centers today, it still has the desire to expand some more to other locations like Los Angles. InterServer is an affordable host with lots of options in terms of growth and scalability.

This is a platform that was built by the co-founders themselves. The provisioning are integrated to the InterServer company and so you can be able to place orders for quick servers, software licenses, dedicated servers, VPS, domain names, and web hosting. This can be done from the very same location. There are some additional features such as DNS hosting and server monitoring that don’t require one to be a customer so as to use them.

The platform’s operations side allows the management of the entire infrastructure. Even when dealing with so many servers, all cable, server, device and switch is actually monitored and inventoried on the InterServer platform. They have some really powerful tools that have actually proven that they can be able to deliver in a way than a few  other competitors have been able to.


The company has been proven to provide a budget friendly service in its areas of specialization. According to the multiple InterServer reviews you can check all over the net, the company does incredibly well.

The hosting plans: what to expect

InterServer hosting offers so many options of hosting to the customers.

Shared hosting

Shared hosting plan is an option which is totally budget friendly and comes with discounts for all the longer term contracts. Different InterServer promo codes are available out there , we checked and tested coupon SAVE99 and it will give you your first month’s shared hosting bill to just 1 cent .There’s quite a few very handy features here including the one click mode of installs, a customer support 24/7., free migration and much more. You can look out for more details and specifications.

Reseller hosting

These are plans which are offered for $19.95 every month and four plan options for $69.95 every month. The plans actually range from a disk space of between 80-240 GB as well as a bandwidth of 500-2000 GB every month. This includes client management via Web Hosting Manager as well as no set up fees.

VPS and Cloud Hosting

InterServer offers a wide variety if cloud hosting and VPS so as to provide scalability and flexibility that clients look for. The VPS for Linux cloud starts at  $6 dollars a month while the VPS  for Windows starts at $10 a month. The two come with a wide variety of options and this is based on transfer caps, storage, memory, and the CPU cores needs.

Dedicated servers

If you need you very own sever, it is possible at The dedicated servers are provided at $59.95 every month for atom dedicated servers. There are other options that are within the range of 139-310 dollars a month and these come with all sorts of options for configuration so as to make it possible for one to customize all needs. high points

There are lots of great things at InterServer hosting services. There are lots of advantages that you can leap from choosing them as your service provider and they include:

  • The highly customizable VPS plans – this is a great plan which you will appreciate immediately if you do get a chance to try it out. It is very customizable and this is one of the things that make its attractive as a plan. The VPS clients can be able to customize also it all things including the CPU power required, RAM, control panels and the operating system software which is preferred. The other greatest thing is the fact that the users are not required to pay for the apps and bundled software. This service provider requires the clients to only pay for what is needed and what is used, call it “pay-as-you-go” type of thing if You’d like.
  • Fast lad times on the site – this is something that is The InterServer site loads very fast making it  convenient for all those who choose to use it.
  • The uptime guarantees – the main rule is not to work with providers who can’t promise an uptime guarantee of around 99%. With InterServer, the uptime guarantee is 99.5% which is backed with service level agreement. If they fail to meet that guarantee in a month, the customers are credited based on the cases. They also give one hundred percent uninterrupted electricity guarantee.
  • Strong uptime – in all the tests that have been conducted on the InterServer shows that they actually get the job done. They record very impressive uptime
  • No unpleasant surprises – transparency is very hard to beat and most especially in the current times that we are living in. hosting agreements at InterServer is backed with very clear SLA as well as terms of service which are ultra-transparent. This clearly defines each and every aspect of the service. The upfrontness, the clarity and the transparency are a very good indicator of a service that is upstanding.
  • Price lock guarantee – most of the hosting providers are able to lure some more customers which a pricing that is super low in the initial terms of service and then the rate is jacked on renewal. This is one practice that stays away from. They really value their loyal customers  and the price lock guarantee is what ensures that the price that you start with continues to be the price that you get for as long as you still have the account in case you don’t make any kind of upgrade or changes in the in the service level.
  • Proven longevity – this is an element that is not so tangible and one of the few that not many people consider. The company is well proven and it is here to stay. The company has been here for so long time (16 plus years!) and it has seen an incredible expansion and growth in services in a reliable and steady manner. This is a great indication that they will most certainly continue with the deliverance of the best services for many years to come.

Other things to note

Well, there is never a provider who doesn’t have flows and in the case of InterServer, there are some drawbacks too.

The unlimited hosting: even though the company offers features that are unlimited in the shared hosting arenas, the unlimited hosting comes with different limits. This is something that will always apply. The users are bound by terms and rules of server usage. However, the company makes it very clear in what the limits are and they are providing within the TOS.

Shared hosting: these accounts are not permitted to use server resources that are beyond 20% at one time. The accounts are limited to about  250,000 nodes at all times. Those on the unlimited shared platform who use over 1GB are moved to SATA.

VPS hosting – the VPS hosting is not for the non-techie. The InterServer VPS plan is a lot more complicated than one would expect. It is very doable but if this is the route that you choose to go, then you should consider allocating some more additional time for the set up process or you should hire somebody with the proper knowledge to set it up for you .

The conclusion

If you are looking for an amazing hosting service, then it can be really hard to look way past  InterServer as a provider. It has been around for almost two decades now. It is very affordable and it has great options too for growth and scalability. It comes with great pricing too and with the InterServer coupon we’ve  found  and tested above you can get an even better deal.


Piping Rock Review and Coupon

Piping Rock Coupon

New Customers Get $10 OFF on orders of $40 and more with code


Copy the promo code and go to to redeem


Our Piping Rock Review: 

Living a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t be difficult. As long as you keep your diet in check, and you exercise frequently, you should be golden. With the birth of the internet, and with thousands of new health books being published every single year, learning to optimize your body and living your life to it’s fullest should be a walk in the park. However, with this massive wealth of information, it’s easy to become distracted, and overwhelmed with what’s good, and what’s bad. New fad diets seem to be popping up every single day, and as a result, people are jumping from lifestyle to lifestyle, without realizing how taxing these constant changes can be on your health.

No diet is perfect, as they all have certain deficiencies, but if you want to be as healthy as you can possibly be then the only way to do that is to implement some health supplements into your daily routine. Deficiencies are common, and they are extremely difficult to avoid, but choosing the right supplements can help fill the holes in your diet, making sure you are receiving the full spectrum of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

The most common complaint about health supplements is the fact they cost an arm and a leg to get a hold of. A healthy diet costs enough as it is, so how do these supplement companies expect people to shell out a few hundred bucks extra each month, just to feel their best? I’m sure you know the saying “You can’t put a price on health”, but when that price is more than you can afford, it’s easy to become discouraged. However, not all hope is lost! Luckily for you, we have decided to share with you the cheapest resource on the internet for purchasing all of the health supplements you need, without breaking the bank. Introducing to you, Piping Rock – The online health supplement store who offer the best quality products at incredibly competitive prices. You should never have to sacrifice other aspects of your life just to look and feel good, and with the heavy discounts, and the generous sales which Piping Rock offer, you won’t ever have to.

We have had plenty of experience shopping with Piping Rock, so you can be rest assured that our review is honest, and completely unbiased. Let’s jump right in…

pipingrock main page

Who Are Piping Rock?

Piping Rock are a supplement company who claim to have been in business for over 40 years, and over this time, they claim to have developed top quality health supplements, without the hefty price tag. Their products cover all of your dietary needs, with a range consisting of vitamins, minerals, essential oils, sports nutrition, aromatherapy, herbs, skin care products, and many more, all at incredibly low prices. Piping Rock are striving to become one of the leaders in affordable health care supplements, but with the generous prices they currently offer, it’s hard to see why they are not already there!

How do they offer such discounted prices? Well, Pricing Rock are not just an online health supplement store, they are a well known, well respected brand who currently manufacturer all of their own products in Ronkonkoma, NY, and they ship every single order directly from there, straight to your door. There are no overseas manufacturers, and no middle men, allowing them to pass the savings straight on to you.

Another thing worth mentioning, is the fact that Piping Rock are a far cry from the regular supplement companies who simply ship in the ingredients from foreign lands, grind them up into pill form, and sell them at extortionate prices to help cover the costs. The people at Piping Rock  hand select all of their ingredients, all of which are grown in their natural habitats. No matter how exotic the ingredients are, there are no costly middle men involved, which ultimately leads to a cheaper, and higher quality product for you to enjoy. All of the ingredients used are third-party tested in an FDA approved facility, which helps ensure that the ingredients are safe, and ready to be used.

Piping Rock are constantly on the lookout for new, fresh health supplements to add to their already huge product range, and they are always on top of the game when it comes to the newest health trends. Whether it’s Acai Berries, Garcinia Cambogia, Raspberry Ketones or Green Tea Extracts, wherever the latest health trend may wander, Piping Rock will have you covered.

If you are looking for something more suited for athletes, then look no further. There is no need to be paying out of your nose for a simple protein shake, or a meal replacement shake. While many other companies rely on extreme marketing techniques to lure you into their massively overpriced products, Piping Rock don’t need to resort to that, because their prices, and their returns policy both speak for themselves. From whey protein, to creatine, to testosterone boosters, Piping Rock have you covered!


Why Choose Piping Rock?


If a massive range of products at incredible prices is not enough to persuade you to check them out, then maybe the fact that Piping Rock are one of the most generous online supplement companies on the internet, will. Discounts are constantly available through their main website, and their ‘Crazy Deals’ section includes some of their best selling products at a fraction of the regular cost. At the time of writing this review, there is currently 57 items listen in the ‘Crazy Deals’ section, with discounts as big as 80% off! Some of the discounted products available are Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Omega-3 fish oils, melatonin, coconut oil, magnesium, protein shakes, and many more. It’s not just the hard to sell products which are available at discounted prices, it’s the everyday essentials which you can’t live without, so why not save yourself a few bucks by checking out their ‘Crazy Deals’ section right now.

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It’s not just the crazy deals which make Piping Rock stand out from the crowd, it’s the exclusive promos, and flash sales which they run frequently throughout the year. Piping Rock pride themselves on their ability to offer you all of your essential health supplements at a fraction of their competitors price, so as soon as they are offering one of their crazy mega sales, you will be the first to know, if you subscribe to their newsletter. Discount coupons are available all over the net , we tried  and  tested  a few and verified as working Piping Rock coupon AMC455 – it gives $10 OFF on a purchases of $40 and more and $5 on orders of less than $40.

Customer service is a priority at Piping Rock, and they aim to make your experience with them as easy, and as painless as possible. The customer support staff are quick to reply, friendly, and completely understanding of your situation, whether it be a refund, a problem with the order, or just a general inquiry.

To make the shopping experience as seamless as possible, Piping Rock’s website is easy to navigate, and everything is easy to find. For those who prefer to shop from their cell phones, they also offer a full responsive, quick-loading mobile website which is just as easy to use as the desktop version. The entire process from choosing your products, to checking out and purchasing them, is easy, and without unnecessary stress. The website is fully secured, so you can be confident when placing your orders. Current payment methods include credit and debit cards, Paypal, or Checks/Money Orders.

Do Piping Rock Guarantee Quality?

Absolutely! As a matter of fact, Piping Rock offer one of the best returns policies in the entire industry, with a 1 year, no questions asked money back guarantee. If for some reason you are not blown away by the quality of any Piping Rock products, then simply send them back, with a brief note explaining the reason why you want to return the product, and you will receive a full refund. Not many supplement companies can offer a no questions asked refund policy, and it’s incredibly rare to find one which offers a return period of an entire year. This pays testament to how confident Piping Rock are in their products, if they are willing to let you try the product completely, before asking for a refund.

Note: We have never had to return a single item as of yet, so we can’t comment on the efficiency of the returns process, but if it’s anywhere near as seamless as the delivery, then you will have no problems at all.

Because Piping Rock manufacture and ship all of their products directly from their own facility, the shipping process is quick, and without fault every single time. They often run promos for low priced or free shipping and at the time of this review orders above $40  qualify for free shipping, and orders below $40 will only be subjected to a $3.95 flat rate shipping fee. Not only are the products cheap, but the shipping is too! And it’s worth mentioning that they do ship internationally to over 160 countries via DHL and international Airmail  but please make sure and read all the customs requirements  and other restrictions which vary from country to country.

What About Their Reputation?

While Piping Rock is still a relatively low-key health company with just a few in depth reviews, the ones they have all seem to be generally positive. It’s difficult to not fall in love with a company who can offer such great prices on products you purchase on a regular basis, and it seems that the rest of Piping Rock’s customers have picked up on that too.

Now, it wouldn’t be a fair review without mentioning the most common complaint put forward by their customer base, which seems to be the fact that shipping can be slow sometimes. Shipping times will vary depending on your order, and where you are located, but some customers have claimed to be waiting up to 12 days to receive their orders. Are the complaints justifiable? It depends on who you are asking, but in our opinion, the shipping times are more than reasonable, considering the fact that you are saving a small fortune on your products, as well as free shipping if you order more than $40 worth.


Besides from a few complaints about the shipping times, the overall buzz around Piping Rock is positive, and so it should be. The Piping Rock website is certainly one for the bookmarks, if you are serious about maximizing your health, without breaking the bank.

Their website is easy to navigate, the products are made up of high quality, freshly sourced ingredients, and the prices are far superior to anything else on the internet. It’s hard to find a health supplement store which offers the same range of products, for similar prices. Take just a few seconds to check out their websites, and get subscribed to their newsletter. With a constant supply of the new products, and a massive range of discounts and sales available throughout the year, it’s certainly worth the small amount of effort it takes to enter your email.

Overall, Piping Rock is a fantastic manufacturer of a wide range of health supplements, and their prices are going to be tough to beat. If you are serious about your health, and you want to save yourself a few extra bucks every month, then don’t hesitate, and check them out today.

To summarize everything so far and what’s good and bad about Piping Rock:


  • Massive range of products available to suit all of your dietary needs
  • Incredibly low prices
  • All products are manufactured and shipped from the USA
  • Every ingredient is third-party tested, and FDA approved
  • 1 year, no-questions-asked returns policy
  • Free shipping on orders over $40 at the time of this review



  • Limited amount of comprehensive reviews online
  • Shipping can take up to 10 – 12 days

So this sums up this review – Piping Rock is a great place for all your vitamins, supplements , fragrance and essential oils needs (and let’s not forget – nuts, seeds and snacks –  yummy and healthy:) . Grab the coupon from above and save on their already pretty good prices.

Happy Shopping!

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Let’s get a bit serious and technical and lay down what You will get when You participate in one of the online classes offer my MyImprov. MyImprov is approve nationwide, it’s approved by Courts and DMVs all across the country. They’ve been around for a long long time – over 20 years and were and still offering behavior-based  traffic school, driver education and defensive driving programs to as they say on their website over 3 million students (that’s a LOT of students, WOW!) . Through the years MyImprov have won numerous awards from the media and other organizations all that while maintaining a superb A+ rating in no other but the very important and trusted everywhere Better Business Bureau. A+ rating guys, this is some serious rating here, they don’t just give those away for nothing, you have to earn it ! Now some folks might be worried that hey, it’s just an online class and how effective could it possible be? Don’t worry – time and time the studies have shown that the courses offered by MyImprov DO work and are effective in reducing feature traffic collisions and traffic tickets. To be precise here the reduction of traffic crashes and feature violations is a massive 64%. So this all means that even thou we are dealing with a serious matter, traffic laws and traffic safety, the funny and original way the courses are presented has zero negative impact on the final result – and that is You being a better, safer driver! It’s one of the rare cases where mixing business with pleasure actually works:)

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One final thing we need to post before we bore you to death with technicalities and info – MyImprov’s online classes are not only great, fun and helpful – they’re also super affordable! You will be saving a bunch of cold hard cash here , the usual class taken at a brick and mortal driving school can ring You up for as much as $140. At MyImprov most classes are in the $20-30 range (don’t forget to use the coupon from up above for additional 5 bucks OFF) and as the research shows they do improve Your driving.  So yeah, why would anybody go to those other schools, pay more and have no fun is beyond Us 🙂 And if that’s not enough convincing – how about 4 FREE VIP tickets to the Improv Comedy Club ? Now that closes the deal:)

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This article was last reviewed and updated on November 8, 2016 to include and reflect the Myimprov coupon we last found and tested.