Interserver Coupon and Review

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InterServer hosting company review is a company that has been around for some 16 plus odd years. In the even expanding filed of hosting companies this makes them  old, really really old .  But this is actually a good thing in this case – it clearly show that they are not some fly-by, one and done small biz that will disappear into the night as soon as you make your first payment. Nope, they’ve been around for a awhile and are here to stay.  Located in New Jersey , USA  they have been providing the very same great services ever since they opened “doors” with  the only thing that has actually changed is the technology applied. The core principles of support and quality service have actually stood the same and over the years, the company has been expanding to include things such as colocation, dedicated servers and VPS among other services. As a product and technology innovator, this is a company that has been able to give lots of customer’s innovative services and products that are designed to complement their businesses.

InterServer hosting company is able to serve all sorts of individuals and companies in so many countries and in the years and they have  build a very solid reputation for their commitment to technical  expertise, reliability and security. Their aim is to treat all clients as well as they can so as to give round the clock kind of service as well as comprehensive resources and the tools that are needed to run a business.

Their story

The company started in the year 1999. This was when they purchased a domain name as well as a virtual hosting reseller account. The main focus was to give affordable prices and maintain high levels of support and service.

In the present time, InterServer  operates and owns  two data centers that are located in New Jersey, Secaucus to be more specific where they offer the following:

  • Colocation
  • Dedicated servers
  • Quick servers
  • Cloud VPS
  • Virtual hosting

The thing that has been able to remain constant with the company for all these years is the mission to give top notch, quality services at the most affordable rates to  many customers all over the world. The company was co-founded by Mike Lavrik and John Quaglieri who were tech-savvy students in high school. They were very ambitious and they wanted to build a dream since they had the same vision of leading formation of a partnership that was solid and this is how InterServer began. After all those years, this company has grown into a great industry provider.

One of the things that set the company apart is the fact that the two founders are still very active in the operations of InterServer so as to make sure that all the operational aspects are smooth. Their commitment to ensure that customers are getting the best service throughout is what makes them remain significant within the industry. This is something you will notice in all InterServer reviews.


This is something that truly sets them apart within the industry. They have a data center with their own servers that are developed on a fiber network which is built in custom Linux kernels. They are able to handle all hosting aspects and this is what makes them the ultimate service providers –  no matter the size of your project or website InterServer got you covered.

The main commitment of the company is to treat businesses as if they are their very own and always seek ways of diversifying offerings. All decisions are made with the customer interests at heart.

The network

The network is well supported by great engineers as well as many years’ experience in the maintenance and building of networks for various providers and certifications from top vendors.

The data center includes a power uptime guarantee of 100% and a network uptime guarantee of 99.5%. Network engineers are also certified from different vendors like Nortel Network, Juniper Networks, Cisco and others.

Many customers are satisfied with the company when it comes to hosting all sorts of websites. This is with regard to email accounts , space and price. You will notice that this is a company that actually surpasses all others in these avenues. The customer care reps are also one of the most patient, friendly and responsive that you can find anywhere. They provide a toll free number where you can reach them 24/7 – we were bored last night and wanted to check them anyways so  we  dialed it up at 1 am – guess what, 20 seconds into the call we were talking to a real live human being! We asked a few tech specific questions and all the answers were pretty accurate and on point, so from personal testing – the support is 10 out of 10.    This  clearly is a company that ensures that you are totally satisfied with the services that you get.

interserver customer service

The company’s growth over the years

This company has come from a very humble state. Being a virtual hosting account reseller initially, the company has been able to spot  significant growth over the years and with two data centers today, it still has the desire to expand some more to other locations like Los Angles. InterServer is an affordable host with lots of options in terms of growth and scalability.

This is a platform that was built by the co-founders themselves. The provisioning are integrated to the InterServer company and so you can be able to place orders for quick servers, software licenses, dedicated servers, VPS, domain names, and web hosting. This can be done from the very same location. There are some additional features such as DNS hosting and server monitoring that don’t require one to be a customer so as to use them.

The platform’s operations side allows the management of the entire infrastructure. Even when dealing with so many servers, all cable, server, device and switch is actually monitored and inventoried on the InterServer platform. They have some really powerful tools that have actually proven that they can be able to deliver in a way than a few  other competitors have been able to.


The company has been proven to provide a budget friendly service in its areas of specialization. According to the multiple InterServer reviews you can check all over the net, the company does incredibly well.

The hosting plans: what to expect

InterServer hosting offers so many options of hosting to the customers.

Shared hosting

Shared hosting plan is an option which is totally budget friendly and comes with discounts for all the longer term contracts. Different InterServer promo codes are available out there , we checked and tested coupon SAVE99 and it will give you your first month’s shared hosting bill to just 1 cent .There’s quite a few very handy features here including the one click mode of installs, a customer support 24/7., free migration and much more. You can look out for more details and specifications.

Reseller hosting

These are plans which are offered for $19.95 every month and four plan options for $69.95 every month. The plans actually range from a disk space of between 80-240 GB as well as a bandwidth of 500-2000 GB every month. This includes client management via Web Hosting Manager as well as no set up fees.

VPS and Cloud Hosting

InterServer offers a wide variety if cloud hosting and VPS so as to provide scalability and flexibility that clients look for. The VPS for Linux cloud starts at  $6 dollars a month while the VPS  for Windows starts at $10 a month. The two come with a wide variety of options and this is based on transfer caps, storage, memory, and the CPU cores needs.

Dedicated servers

If you need you very own sever, it is possible at The dedicated servers are provided at $59.95 every month for atom dedicated servers. There are other options that are within the range of 139-310 dollars a month and these come with all sorts of options for configuration so as to make it possible for one to customize all needs. high points

There are lots of great things at InterServer hosting services. There are lots of advantages that you can leap from choosing them as your service provider and they include:

  • The highly customizable VPS plans – this is a great plan which you will appreciate immediately if you do get a chance to try it out. It is very customizable and this is one of the things that make its attractive as a plan. The VPS clients can be able to customize also it all things including the CPU power required, RAM, control panels and the operating system software which is preferred. The other greatest thing is the fact that the users are not required to pay for the apps and bundled software. This service provider requires the clients to only pay for what is needed and what is used, call it “pay-as-you-go” type of thing if You’d like.
  • Fast lad times on the site – this is something that is The InterServer site loads very fast making it  convenient for all those who choose to use it.
  • The uptime guarantees – the main rule is not to work with providers who can’t promise an uptime guarantee of around 99%. With InterServer, the uptime guarantee is 99.5% which is backed with service level agreement. If they fail to meet that guarantee in a month, the customers are credited based on the cases. They also give one hundred percent uninterrupted electricity guarantee.
  • Strong uptime – in all the tests that have been conducted on the InterServer shows that they actually get the job done. They record very impressive uptime
  • No unpleasant surprises – transparency is very hard to beat and most especially in the current times that we are living in. hosting agreements at InterServer is backed with very clear SLA as well as terms of service which are ultra-transparent. This clearly defines each and every aspect of the service. The upfrontness, the clarity and the transparency are a very good indicator of a service that is upstanding.
  • Price lock guarantee – most of the hosting providers are able to lure some more customers which a pricing that is super low in the initial terms of service and then the rate is jacked on renewal. This is one practice that stays away from. They really value their loyal customers  and the price lock guarantee is what ensures that the price that you start with continues to be the price that you get for as long as you still have the account in case you don’t make any kind of upgrade or changes in the in the service level.
  • Proven longevity – this is an element that is not so tangible and one of the few that not many people consider. The company is well proven and it is here to stay. The company has been here for so long time (16 plus years!) and it has seen an incredible expansion and growth in services in a reliable and steady manner. This is a great indication that they will most certainly continue with the deliverance of the best services for many years to come.

Other things to note

Well, there is never a provider who doesn’t have flows and in the case of InterServer, there are some drawbacks too.

The unlimited hosting: even though the company offers features that are unlimited in the shared hosting arenas, the unlimited hosting comes with different limits. This is something that will always apply. The users are bound by terms and rules of server usage. However, the company makes it very clear in what the limits are and they are providing within the TOS.

Shared hosting: these accounts are not permitted to use server resources that are beyond 20% at one time. The accounts are limited to about  250,000 nodes at all times. Those on the unlimited shared platform who use over 1GB are moved to SATA.

VPS hosting – the VPS hosting is not for the non-techie. The InterServer VPS plan is a lot more complicated than one would expect. It is very doable but if this is the route that you choose to go, then you should consider allocating some more additional time for the set up process or you should hire somebody with the proper knowledge to set it up for you .

The conclusion

If you are looking for an amazing hosting service, then it can be really hard to look way past  InterServer as a provider. It has been around for almost two decades now. It is very affordable and it has great options too for growth and scalability. It comes with great pricing too and with the InterServer coupon we’ve  found  and tested above you can get an even better deal.