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ProXPN Coupons

Save up to 62% with promo code


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This is a break down of how much will you save :

  • 62 % OFF on the yearly plan
  • 50% OFF on the 6 months plan
  • 40% OFF on the 3 months subscription plan


About ProXPN

The company have been established in 2009 and is one of the leading VPN providers. They pride themselves in offering superior VPN services at a very low compared to the competition prices. Located at the Netherlands they loud and clear  state in their TOS that they keep no logs whatsoever about what and where we, the users, browse the interwebs. ProXPN offers services for both PC and Mac, plus if you have the premium plan you can use them on your IOS and Android devices.

The thing that makes ProXPN stand out of the pack and helps them gain market share is their 100% free VPN plan. This plan comes with all the necessities needed for safe, private surfing like anonymous IP address, encrypted web browsing and OpenVPN. Please have in mind that your net speed will be limited on the free plan.  The paid premium plan includes all these and also adds to the list of features PPTP connectivity , unlimited speeds, torrenting, IOS/Android supported and access to more servers. The current number of servers as of the time of this article is 18 – a nice mix between the most popular locations like the USA and UK and a few less knows or used by VPN companies  like Singapore, Hong Kong and Zurich.   They also offers the ability to pay with Bitcoins for an added layer of personal security and anonymity. ProXPN has been featured on ZDNet, LifeHacker , PCworld, Twit and C|Net.

In case all these endorsements and name-dropping from some of the biggest heavy-weights in the information technologies world are not enough and You want a first hand, personal experience recommendation – here it is  : all the staff employed by this very website uses ProXPN as their personal and also work VPN provider. We have it on our phones too as a matter of fact. Why? It’s one of the best values when it comes to VPNs. We are a coupons website, remember,  and we do love saving money on as many things as we possibly can without sacrificing performance and reliability. ProXPN comes as a  no-brainer with their affordable prices and proven track record of keeping Your personal web browsing exactly the way it’s meant to be by default – personal.  With a monthly bill after using the promo code from up above of just $3.75 ProXPN also comes as the undisputed leader in cheap yet no-loss of  performance VPN provider. Give them a shot , they have a full 30 days money back guarantee just in case.

And yes, take advantage of the ProXPN coupon we posted above, after Our research and testing it proved to be the one providing the best savings. And that’s what we all are about here at MyMegaCoupons – saving You ( and Us when we shop:) ) money. The savvy shopper will go for the 1 year plan since that’s the plan that gets the biggest discount – 62% OFF is a pretty much unbeatable deal for any service and any VPN provider we’ve found and verified.

Source  : We’ve found this ProXPN coupon here and it’s 100% working at the time of this posting.

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