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About NameSilo

Established in 2009 NameSilo has time and time again proven to offer hands down the cheapest domain names in the industry. They’ve been able to do that by simply focusing on one thing – registering domains. They don’t do what most companies in the business do and that being  offering other services like hosting or VPS, they concentrate on bringing their customers the best possible prices and making the whole process of buying or transferring a domain as quick and easy as possible. The whole website and the account manager dashboard is super easy to navigate and You can take care of things ( You know” things” ,  like 301 redirects, changing name servers, parking a domain and other “things” )  in seconds. We will not go into lengths and technicalities here on the whole history of the company and where they are located ( it’s Phoenix ,Arizona in the good old USA in case You were wondering ) but let’s talk a bit more about the ancient art of buying a domain name and why all them other companies should stop what they are doing and take some notes from the NameSilo’s playbook.

The main benefit of using NameSilo is their straight forward , no bull s#it, pricing. Most domains cost less than $9 ( less than $8 when You use one of the coupons listed above) and they do NOT trick you as some other registers ( we are talking about you GoDaddy and 1and1 ) in a low introductory price for the first year and when it’s time for renewal they lay down the price-hammer. No tricks or treats here, just massive savings.  Also – WHOIS privacy is included for absolutely free if You wish to have in enabled. Some other registers ( we are talking about …. ALL the others!) charge extra for this and it can be as much as $15. Are you serious?? Let’s get real here for second guys – a domain name is a domain name, no matter where you buy  it is and will be the same exact thing. So why overpay? Why pay for the WHOIS extra on top of the already higher price? We have no idea…. the only logical explanation why some folks use other registers is that they haven’t had the pleasure of hearing about NameSilo since they are not very big on paying for ads and rely mostly on sites like ours and word of mouth recommendations from friends and fans of their service.

Namesilo Coupons and Deals

Full disclosure ( not that we need to disclose anything  secret but still for the record and to  show off how much we dislike overpaying for stuff ) – we bought this beautiful domain name You have the extreme pleasure (we hope:)) to come to from NameSilo. Why? We just have common sense and we do like saving money. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to realize that any register will sell You the same thing, so why pay more, right? Just use NameSilo as Your domain name register, grab one of the promo codes from here  and spend the money You have saved on something else. On what you’ll spend that money is of course completely up to You, we can only strongly suggest it to be on something healthy, or for the house, or the kids or why not a relaxing and rewarding massage from our fav peeps over at Zeel ? 🙂


P.S. Article last updated April, 2021 to reflect the most recent verified coupon.