In Hand Deals Mobile App – Save Money on the go

Bring sales and customers into your store with In Hand Deals. It’s simple and ultra affordable.
Want to be a part of the hottest new way to get customers into your store? In Hand Deals is an innovative and cost-effective way to build your business, increase revenue, and reduce your marketing costs.

It’s time to say goodbye to costly ads, coupon books, mailers and paper coupons!
In Hand Deals is the new and incredible way to connect with your potential customers when they are “on the go”, or looking for a deal, the moment it matters the most! When they’re out shopping, they simply look to see where the best, closest deals are. If you’re on that list, you can bet they’ll want to come in and shop!

In Hand Deals is an easy to use mobile advertising platform that provides its users with the most effective way to find out what deals are available to them in different categories or around their locations; such as restaurants, fast food, coffee shops, retail stores, automotive, fuel, day spas, beauty salons, theaters and nightclubs. Basically, any business that sells goods or offers a service to customers, In Hand Deals is the solution!
In Hand Deals combines the well known consumer approach to deals or coupons, with the power of location-based on demand marketing in real time.

Driven by geo-location technology, anyone that lives, works or just passes through this geo-fence will be presented your Deal under the “Near Me” option on their home screen. In addition, our users have the ability to receive push notifications of a deal near them when they enter a geo-fence zone.

On top of that, the Super Deal start screen allows your business the ability to market to all of the In Hand Deals users in a specific geographic area.

When your business is part of the In Hand Deals platform, you are connecting one-on-one through this incredible mobile app directly with your customers to promote your business with your latest and greatest Deal.

Depending on the size of your city, a single coupon printed in your local newspaper can cost several hundred dollars! Not so with In Hand Deals! Your deals can run all day, every day, all month long, as long as you want them displayed for a fraction of the price.

The best part is that you can change your Deal anytime you want. If you wish to promote a new product or service, or want to offer huge discounts to move inventory, simply log into our backend administrative portal and you can easily and quickly adjust your Deal.

In Hand Deals is Made for Merchants

Push Notifications tell your customers whenever you’ve added a new DealYou’re in full control of your offers, including expiration date, usage limits, and moreNo lead time, no production time. Once your offer is in the system, it can go liveData analytics let you determine which offers are working and which aren’tIn Hand Deals is one of the most cost-effective ways of bringing customers into your storeHow does In Hand Deals work? It’s simple!

Android, iPhone, and Blackberry users can download In Hand Deals for free.You upload your coupon or offer, complete with your store logo, When shoppers are near your location, they tap In Hand Deals and see your deals, come to your store, restaurant, venue, and buy!

Grab the app from the App Store or Google Play now.