5 cool ways to save money when shopping online

Here are 5 ways to save a bit of money when doing your shopping. Full disclosure – nothing too ground-breaking, more of a common sense article but still a it might  be useful for some or remind others about these . So here we go :

1 ) Use Cash Back Sites – Yes, I’ve written about these before, but I can’t stress enough that if you are going to be shopping online, use these sites! You will get cash back with NO catch. My top free favorite sites are Ebates , ShopAtHome, and FatWallet. Some of the best deals being offered right now include 9% cash back at UGGaustralia.com (Ebates), 12% cash back at Nordstrom.com (ShopAtHome), and 6% cash back at Kohls.com (FatWallet). this as simple as it gets, all you need is an account and when you go online shopping first go through one of them and click on the licks to the store you will shop at.

2 ) Use Coupons – this might sound like a no-brainer, but most items, even if they are on sale, can be stacked with coupons. There are dozens of sites to get coupons, but one of my favorites for online coupon codes is couponfollow.com. Even if you can’t get money off on items, check for free shipping coupon codes.

3 ) Use Credit Cards with Points – IF and only IF you are going to be using credit cards anyway, use the one with the best promotion or rewards at the time on whatever they offer, like cash back or points. For example, my Banana Republic Visa credit card is offering 5x the points when I use it on any purchase outside of the Banana Republic store and its sister companies. Then pay that credit card bill off as soon as you get it so you don’t counteract your rewards with having to pay interest.

4 ) Use Groupon – I’m not sure if a lot of people realize how great Groupon is for gift giving. Not only are there actual items you can buy like perfume and tool boxes, but you can buy someone an experience on Groupon, like tickets to a movie or a massage. Now here’s where things get really crazy – you can use cash back sites with Groupon for even bigger discounts!! Cash back site + major Groupon deals + free shipping (which a lot of the Groupon offers include) + pay with a credit card that earns rewards = INSANE DEALS!

5 ) STACK My Tips Just like in the example above, try to use as many of these saving tips as possible on each purchase. Don’t feel like you have the time to compare websites, credit cards, and coupons? Then just try to stick with at least one money saving tip, saving something is better than nothing.

Shop For Yourself  YES, shop for yourself (I’m sneaking this tip in because I feel like it and it’s my blog!). I’m not talking about splurging on everything you see, but I mean the necessities. This is when you are going to get some of the best deals all year round.Desperately need a new winter coat as the temperatures drop? Well they are going to be on sale, so you might as well snag one now, waiting until spring when they are on clearance won’t help you get through the winter months. Just moved into your own place and need pots and pans? Get them on sale now because there won’t be a better sale until the next major holiday.

I hope you enjoyed this post and more importantly, I hope it helps you have money!
Happy Holidays!