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About AirVPN and their coupons:

AirVPN is one of the highest rated by critics and VPN enthusiasts. If you go online and look around every single review of them is outstanding! In the crowded and ever-expanding field of Premium VPN services AirVPN stand right at the very tip with the best (if not the absolute best).

They offer top-notch, ultra fast connection and do not limit their users in traffic or time. They allow up to 3 simultaneous connections and unlimited server switches. Like others, AirVPN is powered by OpenVPN and all their software can be found on GitHub. They offer excellent Android and iPhone apps and also works on Macs, PCs and Linux machines.

AirVPN’s slogan is “Made by activists and hacktivists” and as such naturally they keep NO logs what-so-ever. This is big plus because some other VPNs out their still,even now in 2017 keep logs of their users activities. This brings the question – why bother buying a VPN when there’s someone out there who is still keeping track of what you do online? This is not the case with AirVPN and we can rest assure and use it without the burden of logs.

Lets’ talk about the price for a second. We’ve already mentioned above that AirVPN is one of the most raved about services. You might think that this will come at a steep price. Not at all! Their plans are very affordable, especially for the quality we are getting, and start at only 1 Euro on the 3 days plan and go to 54 Euros for the yearly plan. Naturally since this is coupons website we have a great, tested by Our staff AirVPN coupon which at the moment will save You an extra 10% on Your bill. The coupon is posted above and you can copy it and head over to AirVPN’s website at anytime, use it and get the discount.


Another great thing about AirVPN is the huge number of servers and IPs available. They have locations in all the major and most used countries like USA, UK and Canada but also in quite a few lesser known or used countries like the Netherlands, Belgium and Bulgaria. For the full list of available locations please click on the “Status” tab on their site and check them all out.

And last but not least we will have to mention this real quick – AirVPN is the only provider we know of that has it’s own forum! This forum is not only an amazing place for support but also a great source of industry news and discussions in general on online privacy, free speech, VPNs, online safety and many more topics. Pretty much any technical issue is well covered and you don’t have to contact support (which is top of the line by the way), just do a quick search in the forum and you’ll find an answer. Or if it’s a very specific problem you can start your own thread and get almost instant help from the community.

To summarize – AirVPN is one of the best VPN clients available at the time of this post. Their speed, reliability and completely no logs policy makes them a “must buy”. If you are like most people and like saving money – please take a look at the top of this post and the latest verified AirVPN coupon and save a little extra.