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Hello and welcome to MyMegaCoupons.com ! We are so glad to have you here and to be able to save You money! So, since this is the “About Us” page , who are we you might be wondering, who’s running this small but (we hope!) useful website? OK OK here’s the answer 🙂  We are a team of guys and gals who love saving money, we love doing it for ourselves and have been doing it for many years , but now that we are a part of the team here – we share our findings and the savings with You. We search the net in all it’s corners and find and post the latest working  coupons, promo codes and sales at some of Your favorite online stores.

What makes us different than any of the hundreds  and maybe even thousands coupon sites out there you might be wondering? Here’s the thing about most of those other sites (we are not bad mouthing anybody, hey we are just calling it as it is) – they are mostly computer generated. Yep, fully automated, soulless, no humans involved whatsoever . See, most of the other coupon websites are getting their coupons automatically from either a feed or by scanning Twitter. Than the coupon is automatically added and “served” to You by the algorithms set in the big computer bellies of those sites. No human touch, no human interaction and most importantly for You, the users – nobody really checks if all those dozens of new coupons and deals they are posting every hour are actually valid and whether  they do indeed provide the savings they promise. it’s all fully automated and computer run, the only options that You as users have if you find a deal that is bad, expired or plain misleading is to vote down or report  a coupon. And if that happens many many times than and just than MAYBE a human will take a look and check what the heck is being posted on those website. Very sadly that’s how it’s done. Yes, we do agree and don’t argue even for a bit that those other sites offer a gazillion of coupons from gazillion of stores. We can’t and do NOT want to compete with that. We refuse to be just another coupon’s site and that’s why we do what we do. And here what exactly it is:

  • We search the never ending and always expanding inter webs for great deals and coupons. We like that – surfing the net and reading about things 🙂
  • We MANUALLY  test each and every promo code or deal we find. Yes, we do go to that specific website and check what the saving are indeed. There is nothing more frustrating to grab a coupon code for 50% OFF  and to be expecting 50% OFF but when you are all set and ready to place Your order that same coupon to be saving You only 10% or whatever. Very annoying and we make sure this doesn’t happen here. Ever!
  • We MANUALLY post the coupon code we found and tested. For more clarity we even write a short description about the company or website the offer belongs to and even put some video or GIF or whatever we find about them. We thinks it’s a bit more informative and if you are not very familiar with that store or website gives You an idea what they are all about

Did you see the all caps word “Manually” mentioned a few times above? That’s right, this is what separates us at MyMegaCoupons from everybody else out there. We do it all the old-fashioned way – all by hand, MANUALLY 🙂 We don’t use or depend on automated feeds , we find test and post each and every word you see here by hand. Yes we ARE different 🙂


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Here’s another thing that we do and as far as we know – nobody else in the coupon codes world does. We really truly don’t care about the big brands and the big websites. We just don’t.  We are a small “boutique” type of site and we care about about other small “boutique” websites. You will never ever see here  promo codes for let’s say Macy’s , BestBuy or HostGator (nothing against them BTW, we love shopping at those!) . Those are huge, massive, established brands and their deals and coupons are posted all over the internet. You can find those everywhere. We just find that if we post those same deals and offers for the “big dogs” we will end up being just another coupon site.  We definitely don’t want to do that , so we just complete ignore  and never ever publish anything about them. We care and cater to the “small” guys , the mom and pop stores, the startups. We think it’s the right thing to do – help them get popular and off the ground by giving them exposure here on our site. yes, we are fully aware that the deals we have don’t appeal to the masses and yes we will get less traffic to our site for posting deals about small brands. But that’s what we do and a risk we are willing to take – less traffic but posting deals and offers You might not find anywhere else for companies we believe provide exceptional service and are a great value to you, our readers. This a very important note and let’s repeat it – we do post deals about small startup, not so popular websites and companies BUT we do our due diligence and only post them when we find lots of positive reviews about those or – we have experienced and/or  use them ourselves. Quick example –  we could have bought the domain name  “MyMegaCoupons.com” fro many of the big players in the domain name industry. But we didn’t go to GoDaddy or 1and1 . Nope, we bought it from NameSilo – a small company with outstanding prices and top notch customer service. Another example – we love to surf the net but we are aware all the possible trackers and IP blockers and spies that love to keep track of who, when and where surfs the net. So we ( as most people concerned about their online privacy) use a VPN service. We could have bough our VPN from one of the big brands in the industry – let’s say PrivateInternetAccess. But we didn’t, we use the the just as good (and maybe better!) VPN provided from ProXPN, another small boutique company with exceptional customer service.  And when our office manager needed ti reduce points on his driving licence he didn’t go to AAA or some of the other big companies, did so at  MyImprov.  Helping the “little” guys, remember? That’s what we stand for and what we do, a small website helping and promoting other small websites.

Last quick note : If you happen to own or are working for a company in out scope of things  – we want to work with you! Send a quick request via the contact form and let’s talk.  If you are a small website/company and offer great service or a product and want to be featured here , let’s make it happen. We will post Your deals and coupons completely free, don’t worry we don’t sell the space here or ask for monthly contributions. We have thousands of visitors who might be interested in Your brand and we will be more than happy to help You grow. Ping us and one of our staff members will be in touch ASAP.

Enjoy the coupons and savings!

The MyMegaCoupons.com team

enjoy the savings